Hong Kong : Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM Old lens on Leica SL (601)

I try the very old Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM Lens with  Leica SL body . Although the lens should be operated manually,  Old lens have is own character, Usually lower contrast , and much better rendering between highlight and shadows. For the eyes this old lens give more pleasant picture, not over sharp or over contrast, not giving  “overdone” or “fake”looking comparing with our own eyes.  I love to use the biggest diafragm to get the shallow depth of field. Another consideration is old lens give a pleasant “bokeh” .  Just thinking may be next time I will try this lens with Leica Monochrom cameras. 
A Shellgas man delivered gas tank to the customer. Hong Kong 2018 .Leica SL with Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM Lens
Kowloon area. Leica SL with Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM lens on open lens. Pleasant bokeh
View from Harbour City, Kowloon side Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM on Leica SL. Notice the  “normal” not excessive contrast and the nice rendering from highlight to shadow

The same location , photo taken behind the curtain.  Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM on Leica SL 
High contrast image with shallow depth of field , Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM on f/1.8
in this another backlight picture, even this lens was very old, the shadow give rich tones . 
After shopping time.Kowloon HongKong 2018. Canon 50mm 1.8 LTM lens .Leica SL
Night time, but Kowloon side in Hongkong is one of the city with highly illuminated with lights. Canon LTM on f/1.8 .Leica SL . The bokeh is very artistic 
This mobile  icecream seller already became classic in HongKong. Canon 50mm LTM on f/1.8. Leica SL  contrast added in Photoshop
I found this MTR musician in the underground station . Using the old Canon lens LTM at open lens f/1.8. The sharpness not excessive, but the rendering between the sharp area and out-of-focus bokeh is so smooth and artistic
Night became very late and this oldman enjoy the quiteness and  breeze of the nite, Canon 50mm LTM  at f/1.8 on Leica SL 601. Again : a very nice rendering without an oversharp and over contrast we found in new lenses

Solo , Surakarta, Mid Java

Snapshot from Solo, an ancient Kingdom city in Mid-Java, Indonesia.  During my two days visit, I am using my Sony A7R plus a new lens: 7artisans’ 50MM f/1.1 (leica M mount). People from Solo are very friendly, they happy to be photographed and a lot of smile. My instagram #edwindjuanda

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Pulau Putri Island with Adox silvermax film

This is the first time I am using  Adox silvermax  ISO 100 film in my analog camera. This film rich with silver content so the manufacturer claim it can give more details , more sharpness  and 14 stops dynamic range . I am using Minolta XE-1 with 28mm Minolta lens. I developed in Adox Silvermax developer 1+29 in 20 Celcius for 11 minutes 30 seconds . The negatives I copied with Nikkor macro lens 55 mm attached to Sony mirrorless camera and the images inverse using photoshop.

The result was very satisfyng and impressive, more dynamic range compare with another film I was using before.

The location was Pulau Putri Island, near Jakarta, Indonesia .

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Mongolia in winter with Leica SL

My visit during the Khuvsgul Lake winter festival, started from Ulaan Baatar, using ground transportation. Beautiful scenery, friendly people and memorable journey. The Leica SL built for proffesional, with rugged body, still working in harsh condition and the best medium zoom lens available

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. And don’t forget it is an Autofocus lens, very accurate , can shoot action as any DSLR pro camera.  Great camera !

Lunar Chinese New Year 2017

Lunar Chinese New Year, 28th January 2017. one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Jakarta : Vihara Darma Bakti at Petak Sembilan.  Two years ago this popular temple was accidentally burnt by the candles . Now the crowd came again. It was red colour everywhere: lampions, big candles, all in red. But I decided to take the pictures in monochrom, yes only in black and white with no colour.

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I am using a smartphone the HuaweiP9 with Leica monochrome technology and Summarit H lens 27mm 1:2.2 Asph. Enjoy.

Seoul , South Korea 2016

Series from my visit to Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. In the city centre there are some artist’s worked entitled Shadow of shadow.  Architect’s handkerchief outside the Shinsage department store. The scary face from Namimara Island. Please enjoy the artistic and enjoyable vibrant of this never sleep city.  All photos taken by Leica  monochrom 246 with summicron

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35mm lens . Please also visit my instagram edwindjuanda.