Mongolia in winter with Leica SL

My visit during the Khuvsgul Lake winter festival, started from Ulaan Baatar, using ground transportation. Beautiful scenery, friendly people and memorable journey. The Leica SL built for proffesional, with rugged body, still working in harsh condition and the best medium zoom lens available

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. And don’t forget it is an Autofocus lens, very accurate , can shoot action as any DSLR pro camera.  Great camera !

Lunar Chinese New Year 2017

Lunar Chinese New Year, 28th January 2017. one of the oldest Buddhist temple in Jakarta : Vihara Darma Bakti at Petak Sembilan.  Two years ago this popular temple was accidentally burnt by the candles . Now the crowd came again. It was red colour everywhere: lampions, big candles, all in red. But I decided to take the pictures in monochrom, yes only in black and white with no colour.

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I am using a smartphone the HuaweiP9 with Leica monochrome technology and Summarit H lens 27mm 1:2.2 Asph. Enjoy.

Seoul , South Korea 2016

Series from my visit to Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. In the city centre there are some artist’s worked entitled Shadow of shadow.  Architect’s handkerchief outside the Shinsage department store. The scary face from Namimara Island. Please enjoy the artistic and enjoyable vibrant of this never sleep city.  All photos taken by Leica  monochrom 246 with summicron

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35mm lens . Please also visit my instagram edwindjuanda.

Bangkok street

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Bangkok street photography around Siam square. After preparation and opening exhibition of Wonderful Indonesia in Siam Paragon  on 4th April 2016, I walked with my Leica 246 and mostly used one lens  the  28mm Zeiss.

Dayak Benua tribe from Kalimantan

On February 2016, I visited the Dayak tribe village in remote aea in West Kalimantan ( Borneo), This pictures was taken in Benua Tengah Village , near Putussibau (small city). The people live in a very long house (rumah betang) which all the family member lived there. as long as 148 meters long. This wooden building is now protected by the government as a cultural heritage (made 1824) , but the peo

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ple still live there. We live together for two days, without cellphone and very limited electricity. Bathing together in the river. What a contrast with our every day live n a big city. Enjoy.